About us

About us


Built on Principles First, People Second.

The Signwalkers is the premiere human directional and out of home advertising company in the United States. With services spanning the country and offices in several foreign countries, we are the international leader when it comes to providing and managing sign walkers and spinners.

The Mission:

At The Signwalkers, our mission is simple:

1)  Increase Customer Revenue.

The Signwalkers helps businesses drive sales by providing a unique and highly effective way to get more customers in the door.

2)  Remain Transparent.

The Signwalkers utilizes modern technology to track our human directionals, all in order to provide our clients with the best value and peace of mind.

3)  Raise Standards.

The Signwalkers is legitimizing sign walking and all types of out of home advertising.  Over time, this will increase quality across the industry greatly.

4)  Provide Opportunity.

The Signwalkers is committed to offering meaningful employment to hardworking and dedicated individuals, including opportunities for advancement.

Our Story

The Signwalkers have come to change the way people think about sign spinning.

Since our beginning in 2011, we have been able to expand from a local sign holding business in Washington state to an industry trendsetter spanning nearly the entire country. We have been able to build our customer base by putting their needs first.

From the start, we knew we needed to offer a solution that required no effort on the part of our clients. We also knew we needed to offer highly effective campaigns that were affordable. After all, marketing is always about ROI.

We have spent a lot of time and resources to optimize our training and understand the best out of home advertising practices.  In fact, we are the #1 industry authority on effective human directionals campaigns. But still, we wanted to go further. Anyone can find reliable sign walkers and train them.  But managing campaigns over time becomes both tedious and costly. Thus, SW Tracks was born.  We have created a system that tracks sign walkers automatically—ensuring they are in the right place and remain active.

Now more than ever, we offer all-in-one solutions that get exceptional results.

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