Walking Billboards – Giving Your Marketing Campaigns a Personal Touch

Walking Billboards – Giving Your Marketing Campaigns a Personal Touch

Perhaps you have come across a couple of walking billboards on your way to the office or while driving your car. Chances are, these so-called sign walkers have never failed to grab your attention because of their catchy billboard that makes you want to stop, look, and read all the time. These are certainly not your typical signboards that often stay unnoticed and ignored by most people.

What does this mean to you? A lot of exciting things with great opportunities for your success! Mainly, you can get instant foot traffic to your physical store or a potential customers for your business. Just imagine how quickly you can convert people and make a sale if you find them at the right place and the right time. These are exactly what a walking sign can offer – and so much more.

What are Sign Walkers?

Simply put, sign walkers are people who hold signs or billboards that deliver your message to potential clients. A walking advertisement usually stays in a high-traffic area while carrying your business’ signs to advertise directly to people. They may be stationary, but for an added appeal to the audience, they often perform some tricks or wave at passersby to grab their attention.

Considering the nature of their job, sign walkers are also called sign twirlers, human signs, or walking billboards. Their custom-made and attractive signs give people a reason to look and read the message, which is just what you need to hook them to your business. Whether you own an auto repair shop, furniture store, or even a restaurant, this mode of outdoor advertisement can amp up your conversion rate and sales.

Great Benefits of a Walking Advertisement

A walking billboard can give you the exposure you need for your business. It is an excellent addition to your marketing campaigns since you are going straight to where you prospects are. In fact, below are among the benefits you can expect from using a walking sign:

1. Hook impulsive buyers into your business.

You’ll never know, but there are some impulsive buyers who may just be walking along the street or driving their car and thinking about a product that you happen to have. If you get to them first before your competitors have a chance to cut in, then you instantly make a sale.

What’s more, if these customers are satisfied with the quality of product you give them, they will refer you to their family and friends that further expands your customer base. In any business, perfect timing is very important, that is why hiring sign walkers that can attract such type of buyers works great.

2. Be more visible to your target market.

You have amazing products or services to offer people, but your sales still fall below your expectations. One possible reason behind this is the lack of exposure or visibility to potential customers. To get more people to buy your product or choose your service, you need to bring your business out there.

Whether you are just starting, or you want to grow your business more, it helps to expand your reach further. A walking billboard is what you need to be more present to your prospective buyers. They know how to create a sense of urgency to people, which is necessary for making a sale.

3. Make a boring sign appear as fun and exciting.

Hanging a huge sign on the street does not cut it if your goal is to drive more traffic to your business. After all, your competitors are already doing the same thing, so how can this set you apart from the rest? You need to come up with a more clever campaign that will instantly make people notice your business and go straight to you.

This is why sign walkers can help you accomplish your goal of increasing sales since they make your billboards livelier and more interesting. They twirl signs, wave at people, and even perform some antics to rouse the crowd. If you see human billboards on the street, don’t you think they will grab your attention more than that flimsy sign on the wall? Animation makes a huge difference, and sign walkers are experts in this field.

Sign Spinning- Effective Advertising for Your Business

Our Sign Spinners Are the Best

When you contact our company, we will scour the area to find you the best sign spinners to advertise your business. No matter your line of business, our professional sign spinners will satisfy all of your needs. The work hard to improve your business by maximizing your business’s exposure through sign spinning. Many business owners have come to trust us and prefer us over our competition because of our amazing customer service, fair prices and great sign spinners. Check us out to see the difference!

Technology Backed Sign Spinning

The Signwalkers use the latest technological advances to ensure your complete satisfaction. With our company, you needs are always put ahead of the companies. In fact, we are one of the premier sign companies to incorporate GPS and motion sensing technologies into our company. This allows you to track the effectiveness of the sign spinner. Technology is our way of ensuring you are satisfied and getting the best sign spinners on the market.

Our Results- Better than Our Competitors

Instead of wasting your time and money on marketing management, let us handle it. This will allow you to focus on other areas of operations in your business. As your company grows, you will need more sign spinners around the city. By staying ahead of the competition and providing great the best value and results, we should be your only choice for a sign spinner company.

Our Sign Spinners Work for Multiple Companies

Human directionals  are the perfect choice for brick and mortar operations like gold exchanges, restaurants, tax offices and pawnshops. In addition to these, a sign spinner can help advertise a concert or event. Visit our homepage to learn how sign spinning can help take your business to the next level. Sign spinning is a great way to build brand awareness and increase traffic flow to your location.

We Work With Thousands of Small, Medium and Large Businesses

walks ins welcome sign advertising for local businesses

Walking Billboards: Motion Matters

When it comes to marketing your business, you only have a few seconds to convince your target audience and encourage them to make a purchase. If you use the right technique, this can make a massive difference in your sales and ROI. So, if you get your target audience to notice you first before your competitors get a chance to do so, that gives you an edge above them.

Walking billboard advertisements give “life” to your signs. They incorporate motion and animation to these otherwise dull signs, so people can make a quick decision right on the spot. Considering how there are several impulse buyers out there, all you need is to make your product or service appear an urgent necessity to them. Sign walkers offer a winning strategy to your marketing campaigns as they reach out to people quickly through the personal touch they apply to your ads.

A typical human billboard carries signs that are often about 2-foot to as big as 4-foot big. Then, they choose strategic locations to advertise your business whether it is on the intersection of a street, right next to a mall, or beside a commercial property. With the amount of training they have gone through, this technique can work effectively in getting more customers for your business.

A Walking Advertisement Makes It Happen

Motion advertising is what you need to boost your business’ exposure and reach out more efficiently to your target audience. This also gives you a competitive edge above the rest in your industry. Through sign walkers, they can direct greater foot traffic to your location and get the immediate visibility that you need. So, be sure to choose the right sign walking company to help you with your business goals. Consult the experts in this brilliant marketing strategy and get the best bang for your buck today.


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