Sign Spinner Marketing- A New Wave of Human Advertisement

Sign Spinner Marketing- A New Wave of Human Advertisement

best arrow sign spinnersSign walkers are used as a unique form of marketing among comprehensive array of outdoor advertisements that effectively drives traffic, increases sales and promotes the brands. Sign walkers are uniformed staff members who stand in a high traffic areas with a particular sales theme sign directing customers to a sale. Sign walkers have some common synonyms such as sign waivers, sign guys, street signing, human advertisement, sign holders, walking billboards, sign twirlers, human billboards and directional sign walkers.

This is a strategic way to communicate with existing and prospective customers and they consistently weave huge sales message billboards to draw the attention of larger spectrum of audience. This new form of application has overwhelmed the conventional way of business and given an extra mile to increase sales traffic into the shop.

Why sign walkers are effective

Targeting customers through diverse forms of traditional marketing such as television advertisements, email marketing, door hangers are effective; yet, marketing is such a field that constantly demands innovative and fresh form to accomplish business mission. It has been seen that movable objects such as sky streamers, balloons and sign walkers grab more attention. This is a highly effective marketing where passersby are exposed to a specific message.

Today, the marketplace is highly competitive and marketers, advertising agencies, and companies seek economical way to market products and services or special offers and advertise services or products through sign walkers. It significantly lowers the marketing cost and is called one of the best alternatives to take the competitive advantage. If offers are beneficial for buyers, people will surely flock to the shop or website even to check out services or products. Furthermore, children get attracted with such spectacular objects and they play primary role behind over 70% purchasing decisions.

Businesses taking advantage of sign walkers

Any kind of retail businesses can benefit from using sign walkers as it has proved to be effective generating considerable amounts of foot traffic to their shops. It is widely used to promote Restaurants, Auto Dealerships, Mattress Stores, Game Room Furniture Tile Furniture Stores, Jewelry Outlets, Linens, Bed & Bath, Fitness Centers, Retail Chains, Spas, Housing Tracts, and Flooring Outlets, Carpet Stores, Home Improvement Centers, Hardware Stores, Billiard Tables and many more.

Whether you’re promoting a sale or advertising the arrival of the latest inventory, sign walkers just outside of your store is the best way to get the attention of your prospective customers. Human advertisement will work well, but they need the customer to come from a certain direction, so that they can see the sign. However, double-sided placards held in front of your store will conveniently be read by customers passing by from many different directions. After they observe your sign outside, they will then focus on your store, getting attracted to get in.

How effective are sign walkers?

The demand of sign walkers has significantly increased in last couple of years. Sign walkers companies like has a group of people employed to market your products through this unique advertisement method.


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