Sign Spinning – Best in Human Directional Advertising

Sign Spinning – Best in Human Directional Advertising

Tired of the birds getting better use of your advertising dollars? It is time for you to implement SIGN SPINNING!

Human Directional Advertising Made EasyAs a company owner, are you tired of throwing your advertising money away to the birds (literally)? Billboards weather! Signs get trampled! Balloons POP! Let us just be honest, in the hectic day to day life of the average driver or pedestrian, your advertising dollars spent on stationary signs are lost due to the monotony of the visually crowded world around them. Sure your potential client may have, at a glance, noticed your sign the first time upon driving by but after several trips pass your now faded, weather torn sign your advertising dollars are a waste! Only the occasional freeloading bird is getting use of your sign. Let me add that those high perching birds now have a great view of the best marketing tool around…Human Advertising!

Sign Spinning

Now that we have settled on the fact that Human Advertising proves to catch the eye more than the boring stationary sign, let us talk the art of Sign Spinners! With little supplies needed, the Sign Spinner makes his or her way to the desired location with your company sign in hand. This may be at the closest intersection to your company! It may be strategically placed in a shopping mall parking lot on the busiest shopping day of the year! It could even be at the half way point of a half marathon! The location of the Sign Spinner can be as creative as your company wants to get! Now that the Sign Spinner is in his or her location at just the right time, it is time to get Spinning! With headphones in the ears and sunscreen lathered on all visible skin, the now energetic Human Advertiser starts Sign Spinning and drawing the eyes of all who pass by! With more eyes noticing your advertisement, your company should be prepared to receive the additional customers driven your way!

Human Advertising

What is Human Advertising… Let me assure you, it’s not what first comes to your mind! Human Advertising is the simple act of using a live person to assist in the advertisement of your company! When driving down the road, what is going to get your attention more? A simple sign? Or A physical person? I would dare say that even the oldest of drivers remember their early days of learning to drive and the number one rule of keeping a cautious eye out for those around them! For this reason alone, one can guarantee it would be the physical person that draws the attention of passing motorists! Now give that physical person a sign and you will see the best form of marketing around…Human Directional Advertising!

When looking for the next best way to market your company, remember your main goal…to have more customers come through the doors of your company!

Let Human Directional Advertising be your first choice; leave the old stationary advertising for the birds!

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